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Welcome to Indian Excellent Private School….
23rd Year of Academic Excellence

“Every major spectacle carries with it the potential of a new way of looking at the past and implications of a future.”

The school which had a humble beginning in 1991 with pre-school Nursery wing and primary classes has grown into a senior secondary school with excellent track record. The progress and development of the School attained over a period of years has been instrumental in acquiring and enriching the Parent Community’s confidence and co-operation with the School.

The Purpose built school plant and modern technology supported, innovative, inspiring student-centered learning process helps the school in sustaining the status and maintaining the intake of students to various classes to the expected level.

The strong leadership of the ‘Head of the Institution’, the support of the management, excellent performance of the teaching faculty and other staff, highly motivated and learning students with focus on high attainment, safe and secure Transport system and campus and the parent community’s support are our strength.

The School maintains a very strong rapport with the Ministry of Education and other authorities in U.A.E and the C.B.S.E, India.

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